Lasting business success comes from value-centred team building and sustainable human resource strategies.

Birgit Geffert

Success through team building by actively engaging and personally developing your employees you will achieve better, more sustainable and long-term business success!


From co-worker to co-entrepreneur


Does this sound familiar to you? New employees join the company, but at the end of the probationary period they leave again. The team dynamic in the company is rather counterproductive and unfortunately there is little sign of motivation and drive. Staff turnover gives HR a headache and the sales figures are not heading in the desired direction either.
These are all problems that start-ups, founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, HR managers or works and staff councils often have to deal with on a daily basis.
The focus usually lies too much on the surface of the problems. Strategy optimisations, new processes or additional methods to increase sales will not and cannot work as long as the core of every company is still being neglected Рthe employees!

Why you should invest in people strategies & team building

Corporate culture has changed drastically in recent years. Topics such as New Work are now long-established and well-known models. Well-qualified applicants will therefore know from day one whether they want to stay in the new company or whether they prefer to look immediately for alternatives. A lack of future prospects or teams working against each other are often the result of outdated strategies for recruiting employees. By focusing on the individual, the Big Picture is improved by developing a system of committed teams. As a result, every team member becomes and is an important partner in the success story of the whole company.
Unternehmenserfolg durch Teamaufbau und nachhaltige Mitarbeiterstrategien Mitarbeitergewinnung
Unternehmenserfolg durch Teamaufbau und nachhaltige Mitarbeiterstrategien Mitarbeitergewinnung
Unternehmenserfolg durch Teamaufbau und nachhaltige Mitarbeiterstrategien Mitarbeitergewinnung

Good employees make a good company!

Too many companies neglect this crucial core idea. Without good employees, a company can never be successful in the long term and exploit its full potential.

Consistency in the team composition

The constant coming and going of new employees is associated with enormously high costs and causes unnecessary stress and additional effort for everyone involved. These resources are far more usefully employed in the implementation of projects and the management of day-to-day business!

Sustainable success of your product or service

The right employees in the right positions ensure continuous success in the company. The success of a company is always directly related to the identification and commitment of all involved.

Excellent customer relations

Relationships are and remain deeply human. With employees who are motivated and have been with the company for many years, maintaining existing customer relationships and building new ones is a breeze.


About Birgit Geffert

As a certified trainer and business coach, Birgit Geffert brings numerous qualifications to her work, including NLP, systemic coaching, conflict management and rhetoric. In addition to this vast toolbox, she has many years of experience in dealing with job applicants, employees, workers and managers. Furthermore, she offers a wide range of in-depth knowledge about the needs and wishes of employees.

Your advantages at a glance

Start a socially committed and successful future with new human resources strategies. Establish the values of the company and its employees as a central and supporting pillar. Become part of a sustainable corporate landscape and calmly face every new challenge.

Unternehmenserfolg durch Teamaufbau und nachhaltige Mitarbeiterstrategien Mitarbeitergewinnung

Increase the attraction of your company on the labour market

Big players like Apple are not only popular employers because of their degree of brand awareness and high revenues. These companies also constantly invest in their employee culture and thus attract new, committed visionaries to their teams.
Unternehmenserfolg durch Teamaufbau und nachhaltige Mitarbeiterstrategien Mitarbeitergewinnung

New employees stay with the company for the long term

Your new employees will feel valued and appreciated from day one and therefore will actively participate in the company’s success.
Unternehmenserfolg durch Teamaufbau und nachhaltige Mitarbeiterstrategien Mitarbeitergewinnung

Teams work together to achieve a common goal

Team building is the nucleus and core of a modern and successful company. When all are working together towards a common vision, the success of the company is inevitable.


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